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Getting Started
•  What is e-learning and what are its benefits over traditional course delivery?
•  How do I enroll in a course?
•  How do I pay for a course?
•  How much time can I take to complete a given course?
•  How do I login to a course?
•  What should I use as my user ID and password?
•  My login information (user ID and password) are showing as invalid. How can I correct this?
•  I forgot my password. What should I do?
•  Can I change my password?
System Requirements
•  What are the computer system requirements to view courses and e-media on the Terra Nova e-Learning Center?
•  I use a dial-up Internet connection. How will that impact my use of this site? (Also applies to other slow speed connections.)
•  What sort of assessments are offered with the courses on the Terra Nova e-Learning Center?
•  What is the Assessment Report?
•  What is the certification process and what documentation will I receive?
•  How many times can I take each assessment to try to earn a passing CME score?
•  Can I take a course even if I do not want certification?
•  What type of certification do you offer with your courses (e.g., CE, CME)?
•  What is the CME process?
•  The video and audio clips are taking a long time to load. Can this situation be improved?
•  What should I do if I can't hear anything when the video and audio are playing?
•  If I want to stop the video or audio, how do I turn it off?
•  The video clips won't open. What should I do?
•  The video image appears stretched or flattened on my screen. What can I do?
•  What are the copyright restrictions on your courses?
•  Can I cancel a course I've already paid for?
•  What other products does Terra Nova Learning Systems offer?
•  My organization is interested in hosting a course on the Terra Nova e-Learning Center. What's involved?
•  I don't find the answers to my questions in these FAQs. What should I do?
Technical Issues
•  How do I turn off my system's pop-up blocker? I'm having trouble opening video clips and course-related windows.
•  The type doesn't fit on the width of my screen. How can I reduce scrolling?
•  PDFs won't open. What should I do?
•  When I print a page, the text is cut off at the right. How can I fix this?


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