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e-Learning Catalog

The Terra Nova e-Learning Catalog includes diverse educational programs on a variety of medical, mental health, and research topics. Here is a listing of our current offerings. Please visit our Catalog often to see what's new.

Community-Based Participatory Research for Improved Mental Health
Community-based participatory research, or CBPR, is a respectful approach to identifying, addressing, and ultimately treating the mental health needs of a community. Funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, this 5-module course for research professionals explains the basic principles of CBPR and paves the way for success when employing this cyclical research process. The content is also appropriate for community leaders and advocates who are interested in learning more about the CBPR process. The course includes ancillary materials for researcher use when working within a community. Continuing education credit is available for physicians, psychologists, and allied health professionals. To view a demo of the course's first module, log in to the Terra Nova e-Learning Center in the orange box at left as: User ID: Visitor Password: Demo

Under Development

Thinking Like a Scientist: Drug Abuse Research and Animal Ethics
Developed in consultation with nationally recognized experts and funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Thinking Like a Scientist is a 2-week middle school unit that follows scientific method principles to guide students through the neurobiology of drug addiction, the role of research in understanding addiction, and the ethical inclusion of animals in research. Each lesson incorporates National Science Education Standards and purposeful objectives to sharpen important decision-making and higher-order reasoning skills - inspiring students to think like scientists about their everyday world. The unit includes a detailed teacher guide, student worksheets, and an innovative computer Mouse Maze assessment.

Virtual M.D.: Medical Sleuths
A middle school unit designed to improve science literacy through innovative, discovery-oriented, web-based instruction and a “detective-type” process for finding solutions to real world problems. Learners take on the persona of a “Virtual M.D.” and apply the scientific method to analyze the symptoms of virtual patients as they learn about and diagnose key human diseases relevant to their age group - obesity, influenza, asthma, and diabetes.

Getting Started in Drug Abuse Research: A Multidisciplinary Introduction
A two-semester course for psychiatry residents and graduate students of psychology, social work, and nursing. Incorporates e-learning content with instructor-led discussion.

Mental Health Research Partners: Helping Families Make Well-Informed Decisions
A DVD presentation and booklet for individuals living with mental illness and their family members, offering objective information on what's involved in participating in a mental health research study.

Motivational Interviewing for Substance Abuse Treatment Counselors
A training program for substance abuse counselors on the evidence-based practice of motivational interviewing. Available in online and print formats. Offers continuing education credit.

Improving the Lives of Children with FASD: An e-Learning Resource for Caregivers
An online resource for caregivers of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Includes e-learning course on FASD, age-related caregiving guidelines, self and family tools, and an informative DVD for respite providers.

Health & Aging: Understanding Alcohol Use
A suite of educational and outreach materials to inform the elderly and their health care providers about specific age-related risks for alcohol problems. Includes e-learning course for professionals, and a DVD and booklet for older adults and their caring others.

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